We are happy to be invited to share (in Dutch) our vision on the future of product and production development in the December 2015 release of the VNO-NCW magazine Middelpunt. As largest employer’s organization in the Netherlands, The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO-NCW is also known as “the voice” of Dutch business.

Not only because we commit to social and environmental sustainability, we think that outsourcing production and shipping products back to Western countries is a thing of the past.

“We believe that local and flexible production is a key value for modern entrepreneurship.”

With the design and development of unique and efficient production cells, relying on the newest robotisation and automation techniques these customised production cells become blueprints that easily can be implemented in different territories, and adapted to local markets needs.
Choosing in-house production results in reaching a higher profit margin while maintaining maximum quality control. It also ensures that all intellectual property and production profit remains within the company, rendering your company independent and highly flexible within a demanding and global market.

When developing new products and manufacturing units we aim to achieve such a high level of automation, that will allow us to produce products in Western Europe again. This will create only just a few manufacturing jobs at first but the production turnover doesn’t flow away offshore. While it does create instant additional employment in support services such as in logistics and with suppliers of materials, commodities and machine & automation industry.

By making optimal use of our high-quality engineering capability, our unique Dutch geographical position and our extensive tradition of innovative product development, we can also transform the Netherlands in a knowledge-based producing country again.


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Middelpunt @ VNO-NCW