Security Camera | Dutch A Team

The Dutch NOS youth newscast presented an item about security cameras. Our distinctive cute yellow ‘eye’ is one of the camera’s found by these young kids who are exploring Rotterdam with data researcher Els Leclerq, looking for eyes watching them. Els Leclerq explains them what and where data is recorded to make them aware of the observing world around us.
Camera’s are mainly developed for their functionality, and much less for their visual appeal. Putting a security camera up is like signalling: this is not a safe place. With our distinctive design for Dutch National Railways, we want to change this perception. The cute yellow ‘eye’ and the casual grey cap provide a human touch. Of course we can still see the camera, knowing that somebody is watching us through CCTV. But with these colourful design touches, this clinical tool gets a more positive image. Instead of feeling observed by an anonymous security guard, it now feels like a friendly officer is looking out for us, making sure we will be safe and sound.