We believe in the power of strong ideas and innovative products. Dutch A Team develops and builds unique and efficient products and production cells.

Dutch A Team believes in the power of fruitful ideas and innovative products that have real value for consumers and companies, transforming the way we live and work, and the way we do business. Our strength lies in creating valuable products and design solutions, with a clear focus on benefiting shareholder’s’ value.

Because we commit to social and environmental sustainability, we think that outsourcing production and shipping products back to Western countries is a thing of the past. We believe that local and flexible production is a key value for modern entrepreneurship.

Dutch A Team designs, develops and builds unique and efficient production cells, relying on the newest robotisation and automation techniques. These customised production cells become blueprints that can be easily implemented in different territories, and adapted to local markets.
Choosing in-house production results in reaching a higher profit margin while maintaining maximum quality control. It also ensures that all intellectual property and production profit remains within the company, rendering your company independent and highly flexible within a demanding and global market.