Self driving cars are cool, so are electric cars that can accelerate faster than the world’s most expensive police cruiser. But none of them can navigate the road quite like this vehicle out of France. Behold Swincar: A car that moves like a nimble spider, and with independent suspension and a motor for each of its four wheels, can tackle just about anything in its path.

The Swincar utilizes tilting technology that allows each axel arm and wheel to act independently, making the traverse of deep ditches look easy and surprisingly comfortable.

On its website, the luminaries behind this ingenious piece of machinery say, “After many years of research, reflections, essays and developments, we are now ready to involve you in our adventure… It will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of walking in the mountains, in forests, in fields or along the beach enjoying the fresh air, the sound of the wind, waves or birds without noise or air pollution.”

Now that Google Earth has given us a vivid look at the Mars landscape, the Swincar would seem like the perfect vehicle to navigate the Red Planet. Your move, NASA.

Text by Ryan Beckler, Growth Editor at Vocativ.