Security Camera | Dutch A Team

Big Brother is watching you

The Dutch NOS youth newscast presented an item about security cameras. Our distinctive cute yellow 'eye' is one of the camera's found by these young kids who are exploring Rotterdam with data researcher Els Leclerq, looking for eyes watching them. Els Leclerq explains them what and where data is…

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Biofabricated Leather

An American company has invented an industry-changing, fashion-friendly leather product that will definitely have cows breathing easier. By 2050, it will take 100 billion land animals to provide the world's population with meat, dairy, eggs and leather goods.

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Innovations of all times

In this video you can watch all big innovations with dates through the centuries. From agriculture to exploration, from controlling fire to inventing glass, nails and cement. The invention of the wheel, writing script, libraries, compass and further on pc's. The world keeps inventing on and on...

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