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Security Camera | Dutch A Team

Big Brother is watching you

The Dutch NOS youth newscast presented an item about security cameras. Our distinctive cute yellow 'eye' is one of the camera's found by these young kids who are exploring Rotterdam with data researcher Els Leclerq, looking for eyes watching them. Els Leclerq explains them what and where data is…

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MP Touch for Imagineear

The Dutch A Team developed the MP Touch for Imagineear. Since it's introduction in the market it has been widely used among museum visitors. We are very proud this device is embraced by so many users. The MP Touch is used in musea like The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam,

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The Good Country Index

Look outwards, countries should work together instead of competing against each other. Humans prefer good countries. What are good countries? Countries where it is safe, better, fairer, countries who tribute to the world. A message to governments: Do Well, Do Good! Collaborate!

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