Together with interesting news items in this blog Dutch A Team loves to share with you surprising ideas and successful innovative products for inspiration and joy.

Innovations of all times

In this video you can watch all big innovations with dates through the centuries. From agriculture to exploration, from controlling fire to inventing glass, nails and cement. The invention of the wheel, writing script, libraries, compass and further on pc's. The world keeps inventing on and on...

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Future transport

Eleven transportation innovations which are worth to see. The world of transport is developing fast, bound braking ideas and concepts are being developed. Check out this movie for inspiration!

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Profit by Design

Profit by Design is a very hands-on innovation project that is organized by the Delft Design association in cooperation with the local authorities. During the last months Barbara Vos shared her expertise with three attending companies that she gave her help to enrich their product and marketing…

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